Sunday, November 16, 2008

Completely back to normal

My skin is back to normal. My weight is exactly what it was before I started this adventure. I have no side effects or any lasting anything.

The weight gain/loss is really odd to me - 2 weeks ago I was 10-11 lbs heavier and not believing that could all just disappear and that it was just water weight. Especially since I used the shots/process as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted.

I did interrupt and ongoing diet to do the egg freeze. Now that that's done, it's back to the diet, and I'm back to where I was for my 2008 goal .... 6.5 more lbs to lose before year's end, which isn't all that scary. This might be a year where I actually meet most of the goals I set for myself (move to NY, freeze eggs, lose 25 lbs ...)

Goal for 2009 - make these frozen eggs an unneeded insurance plan :)


Welcome to My World said...

Great blog. I am doing the same thing right now and it was great to read your blog. I now know what lies ahead. I started with the stim meds on Saturday the 15th so today is only the 5th day that I am taking the Gonal F. I just found out my E2 level this morning was 185 which seems good. I did not do the Lupron before the cycle started (I gather because I am a couple of years older than you). I hope I get as lucky as you with so many eggs (but not too many)! Did you ever get pictures of the sonograms? Feel free to say hello back....any advice you can give me?

Eggfreezer said...

hey there - thanks for your comment! it makes me glad because this was the purpose of my blog and i figured most readers were my friends rather than people who would find all this clinical detail interesting. In any case, I'd love to keep in touch and share any advice, but I can't figure out how to contact you - your identity doesn't appear to be public. What city are you in? I didn't get picture of the sonograms, but I saw them as they were happening - maybe I'll ask for them. As to advice - I had a post on shots - I think that one is useful. Also, definitely don't use my egg number as a baseline. It's absurd. I know someone else who was similar age who did this and had 19 eggs retrieved, and that was considered a great number. I'm glad I got so many of course. Good luck! If you're in NYC, I'd be glad to meet you in person if you want. I'll think of any other advice ....

Welcome to My World said...

I thought my email was left automatically. Oops. I am davisesq212 at aol dot com (keeping spammers at bay).

I too started the process with NYU and now I am on CD 6. So far, no issues other than massive headaches on CD 3 from the first Gonal F injection of 450 IU that night.

My injections are slightly different than yours in that I am a tad older (37). I started on CD 2 with 450, then went to 225/225, then 225/225 then 450 and then another 450 tonight. Tomorrow, I will get more instructions.

They did ask me to bring the Antagon (I am not on Lupron) with me tomorrow morning. I assume it is to show me how to use it again (they did show us at the Orientation). Is that correct? I then will refill my Gonal F prescription at Metro Drugs. I asked Metro how much the Gonal F costs per 450 IU and the pharmacist said $950! I couldn't believe it. There would be NO WAY I could do this without my insurance paying for it. I never thought I would say this but thank goodness for my insurance.

I agree wholeheartedly what you said about Extend. I would never had known about this process without them but they are too 'businessy' and very commercial. I went to two of their seminars or shall I say cocktail hours. The snacks were good but the information was was lacking. They also were not so quick to answer any of my questions by email. My questions were not pinning them down to anything other than questions like how long is the process, do they use the slow or quick freeze method, can I freeze some as embryos and some as unfertilized eggs, etc. However, without them, I wouldn't be at the point I am now. They served a purpose for me but not the purpose they had hoped.

NYU was very straight forward. I knew they wouldn't take me as a patient unless I fit their criteria since they want good results to eventually publish.

I go in tomorrow for my first sonogram since starting the stim. I am excited to hear what they see and see what I have :)

I would love to meet you also and talk a bit more in depth if you want. I am in NYC so traveling is not an issue. Feel free to email me when you have a chance.

PS Have you seen any other blogs online like ours?

Anonymous said...

hi egg freezer,

I am going to go through the egg retrieval process this winter; I also live in NYC. just now deciding on centers and that post of yours was really helpful. NYU is booking 3 months out! anyway, it is so, so helpful to read of your whole process in detail. I am sure I will have questions forthcoming and your blog provides such a great reference that I'm sure I'll be looking at it a lot in the coming months. 28, wow, congrats to you!

Egg said...

Hi Anonymous - wow, I'm so glad you contacted me to too. Between you and welcome to my world, I'm glad I was able to do this blog! I made this same offer to WTMW, but I'd be glad to meet you in person and help you in any way. Maybe we can even have our get together or email list or something. I would be glad to set up a social network of sorts for egg freezers. I've created an email address for myself for this purpose - If you email me directly at this email, and if you are comfortable sharing your contact info, I'd be glad to be a source of info for you. You may also be able to get into NYU sooner - I got on their waiting list for cancellations, and get bumped up a whole month because of that. I might also be willing to be slightly more graphic about some things that I kinda held back a little knowing that I had friends reading this blog.