Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If you want to contact me directly

It's really exciting to me that a couple of egg-freezing planners have contacted me through comments. I live in NYC, and I'd really be glad to meet anyone who wants to have a support buddy in this process. There really isn't a lot online that isn't commercial, and as far as I know, my blog is the first step-by-step blog documenting egg freezing. As this grows, there's no reason we can't have a broader community for egg freezers the way IVF'ers do, etc. Could be good to keep up through the years.

If you want to contact me and are willing to share at least some information (even if just an email address you create for the purpose of contacting me) you can email me at

I think it would be cool to help people with their HCG shots or if they need someone to pick them up post surgery. I mean, at least until requests get out of hand .... I'd love to get to know more egg freezers. So if you're using my blog as a reference for your own process, send me a note!


Welcome to My World said...

You have mail! :)

Anonymous said...

you have mail! :)
I sent you one couple days ago, but couldnt get a response. would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for doing this...

Jennifer Zhao, UBC said...
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Anonymous said...

where can I find your email?

Anonymous said...

Hey some quick questions:

I'm 30, if I do plan to do this - how much time do I need prior to retrieval? Like a year or like 2 months? (I don't want my eggs getting older!)

I can't get a straight answer: Roughly how much does the it cost?

Then how much per year to store?

Why'd you pick NYU vs another place?

Thank for your help! I live in NYC & am strongly considering this and there are not clear answers out there! Thanks!!